Rainbow Wolf

What are our inspirations?

This is a colourful analog drawing inked in with a wide range of Copic markers. These colours are blended with extreme detail to give the illusion of a digital drawing.

Most of MindCliff’s artworks and digital drawings are available on our online store. We have clothing stickers and prints for your personal belongings to inspire you everyday.

“Rainbow Wolf”  is a collage of several aztec prints and daily inspirations that we would come across in our everyday lives. Experimenting with different patterns is critical in most illustrations, as you will see implemented throughout our website.

Where could this have originated?

Maybe this ancient creature lived back in old folklore. Prophesied to be a god like figure that would rule and bring colour whenever in the presence of those who were sad. It thrives on its natural vibrant nature which sucks away any negative energy that people possess.